Alpina Watches Review

Alpina Watches Review

Unless you are an experienced watch enthusiast, Alpina watches may not be a brand that you are familiar with. Nevertheless, Alpina is a well-known French watch company, particularly well-known for its line of sports watches. We assume that since you are here, you are looking for more details regarding the Alpina watches review. We would therefore discuss whether we believe Alpina watches are worth the money. 

With the lengthy history of Swiss watchmaking, you can expect this company to provide a wide choice of remarkable timepieces. In the parts that follow, we'll go over more details about the Alpina watch companies and their lineup if you want to learn more. 

A Synopsis of Alpina Watch Company 

The history of Alpina Watch Company is fascinating. First things first: "Who owns Alpina watches?" Founded by Gottlieb Hauser in 1883, the company was based in Geneva, Switzerland. Nonetheless, Peter Stas is the company's owner, and it joined the Frederique Constant Group after merging. 

Alpina was once just a watch manufacturer, but as time went on, it improved production and eventually started creating its own calibers. 

Since 2002, the business has successfully assembled four movements: the World Timer, the Regulator, the Tourbillon, and the Small Date. 

Throughout its history up to the present, Alpina has had a number of noteworthy effects. A few of them are pilot-style watches, known as Fliegers, with a large crown and a lengthy leather band. The 1938 debut of Alpina 4 also marked a significant shift in horology. 

It was regarded as the first sports watch with four unique features: water resistant, anti-shock, anti-magnet, and a sturdy stainless steel case. Even after this model was released, Alpina's reputation has grown throughout the world. 

Is There Any Value in Alpina Watches? 

You may still wonder if Alpina watches are decent despite their impressive and prolonged journey. Yes, is our response. The best way to respond, though, is to examine the following list of advantages and disadvantages of Alpina watches. 

Alpina Watches Review's advantages 

Alpina is a reputable brand of Swiss watches that you can trust to last a long time. Also, the brand produces all of its own caliber internally. You will also appreciate the price range of Alpina watches, which is a feature of this Swiss company. 

  • Alpina watches come at affordable prices which is one of the attractive features of the brand. The watches are mostly sold for under $2000. 
  • As a brand with a long history, Alpina respects its rich heritage by carrying them in modern collections. Therefore, most of the watches still have traditional styling. 

Alpina Watches Review’s Disadvantages

 As we’ve discussed previously, not everyone knows about the Alpina brand unless they’ve been around in the world of horology.  Because of this, Alpina's brand is less well-known, even if some consumers may desire prestige associated with the watch they wear. Although Alpine produces interesting watch designs, the majority of their products are huge, ranging in size from 42 to 44 mm. For those with small wrists, that can be a major no. 

The Cost And Accessibility 

Anyone familiar with Alpina will attest to their compelling value proposition, which strikes the ideal balance of materials, craftsmanship, designs, functionality, and tradition. 

When it comes to accessibility, these works of art may be obtained through a wide range of accredited dealers and trustworthy watch merchants, so watch fans everywhere can wear an Alpina. With a broad customer base that includes both seasoned collectors and novices, Alpena is present everywhere, from thriving urban centers to isolated horological havens. 

For those of you who would prefer to purchase a watch online, Alpina's whole collection is accessible. Almost no effort is required on your part to get a Swiss watch delivered right to your front door.  It can be more difficult to locate the ideal mid-century Alpina, though, if you're interested older items. Only a strong grasp of aftermarket buying platforms, patience, and intelligence will be helpful in this regard. 

Even though their skill is respected, Alpina watches are surprisingly affordable, coming in a range of price ranges to suit different budgets and never going as far as other well-known Swiss manufacturers in terms of "high-end horology" in their pricing. This affordability does not mean a drop in quality; rather, it serves as more evidence of the brand's dedication to democratizing excellent Swiss timepieces into the reach of passionate watch enthusiasts. 

Review of Alpina Watches  

Alpina was able to launch a number of well-liked collections that are still available now because to its establishment in 1883. We'll examine a few reviews of Alpina watches below: 

Alpine Alpina 

For outdoor enthusiasts seeking dependable performance and quality, Alpiner is a series of products. Because of this, the timepieces have a sturdy build that can withstand harsh circumstances while still being dependable and pleasant. Presenting in Alpina 4, the collection is the true resemblance of the brand that established the benchmark for contemporary and luxurious sports watches.  

Startimer Alpina 

The Startimer series is a collection of aviation watches. In order to help pilots in navigating their travels during that time, Alpina began producing pilot watches in the 1920s. Since then, the brand has also been associated with pilot watches that continue to be reliable today. 

Seastrong Alpina 

We've moved from the land to the skies and are now in the ocean version. The dive watch collection from Alpina Seastrong is modeled by models from the 1960s and 1970s. The timepieces have dependable characteristics that are loyal to Maison's heritage and cater to lovers of water sports. 

Alpina Comtesse

The last lineup from Alpina is the Comtesse line consists of watches with delicate designs and small sizes. Alpina collections are mostly for men’s watches but this one is like a special corner for women and those with smaller wrist sizes. Not only that the watches feature small cases but also more delicate elements.

The overall design still radiates a sporty look but is enhanced with an elegant side to present the ladies’ look. 

Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Are Alpina watches Swiss-made? 

Absolutely! Alpina watches have the Swiss mark right on them, meaning that they are made with the utmost precision and the highest level of expertise in Switzerland.

Q.2 What are the main distinctive features of Alpina watches compared to other brands in the field? 

The watches from Alpina are in many ways equipped with some top features, such as their water resistance, anti-shock, anti-magnetism and sapphire-crystal cases. Furthermore, they frequently tend to generate in-house movements, old designs & therefore impose a strong emphasis on precision and endurance as well.

Q.3 Are there online stores I can buy Alpina watches from? 

Alpina watches can be found online from the authorized dealers, the official manufacturer’s website, and well-known watch shops. Any consumer can also purchase them from online luxury watch retailers that ensure authenticity and provide top quality in all purchases.


Have you finally gotten your answer? How good are Alpina watches? The response will vary based on your preferences and the features you desire on your watch. What do you think now after reading the alpine watches review? Alpina is, all things considered, a solid option, particularly if you're searching for a reasonably priced, sporty-looking Swiss brand. 

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