Best Affordable Watch Brands

Best Affordable Watch Brands

Most people who are new to watches will start with cheaper models because they don't want to spend a lot of money on something that hasn't been proven to work yet. But when trying to create a more budget-friendly collection, it can be challenging to know where to begin due to the enormous variety of watches available in the market in terms of brands, prices, and styles. 

In this article, we'll give an overview of some of the top watch brands in the market from a more reasonably priced standpoint. Continue reading to learn about the watch brands that won't break the bank if you want to buy a new watch but are concerned about going over budget. 

Casio Digital Watches 

Few companies capture the magic and nostalgia of childhood like Casio. The well-known quartz watch company was a major innovator in the field of digital watches and helped popularize the idea of a classic, retro watch aesthetic. 

Although Casio's origins date back to 1946, when Japan was rebuilding after World War II, the company rose to prominence in the consumer products industry in the 1970s by offering a wide range of devices, including watches, calculators, and musical instruments. 

Digital quartz movements powering off-the-shelf, user-friendly functions are what set Casio digital watches apart. Although the company does sell conventional analogue watches, if you're searching for something retro-cool, we'd strongly advise paying close attention to their digital selection. 


Known for its dependability, toughness, and classic style, Tissot is a well-known brand in affordable watches. With the added benefit of a chronograph mechanism, Tissot has unique models that boasts a classic look. 

These adaptable watches have sturdy frames, a variety of cozy strap options, and well-known Indiglo illumination for improved sight in dimly lit areas. They offer a variety of chic and dependable options for any event, whether worn casually or dressy. 

It's understandable why Tissot has established itself as one of the top brands of budget watches and a reliable option for watch fans around given its reasonable price range and timeless charm.


After the Lancaster Watch Company filed for bankruptcy and several other watch firms merged, the Hamilton Watch Company was established in the United States in 1892. During the first and second World Wars, Hamilton shifted its focus from producing pocket watches with railroad themes to producing wristwatches that were suitable for field and pilot use. Despite a shift to Swiss ownership and manufacture in the late 1960s, Hamilton established a number of now-iconic dress watch and chronograph designs by the 1950s and 1960s that are still felt in its current line. 

Under the Swatch Group today, Hamilton is a clear value leader when it comes to breaking into the mechanical Swiss watch market. Its extensive selection features both more sophisticated pieces inspired by midcentury design and field watches that pay homage to the brand's history. These are a few of Hamilton's greatest models from the most practically accessible angle.

G Shock

Perhaps the best example of a watch that is still affordable but nevertheless transcends its category and reaches heights of popularity only available to pop-culture style icons is the G-Shock. The first G-Shock, the DW-5000C, was created in 1981 by Kikuo Ibe, a visionary designer at Casio who set out to make the most durable watch ever built. It was released in 1983 to great excitement and eventually developed a cult following that continues to this day. Presently, G-Shock is promoted independently of its parent company, Casio. The G-Shock is more than just a sturdy digital watch; it's a lifestyle statement that looks equally at home on the wrist of expert military tactical operators and the typical Walmart customer. 

Additionally, G-Shock has partnered with a number of interesting cultural figures and is offered in thousands of varieties, nearly all of which are priced far under $200, for enthusiasts of street culture and style. The truth is that almost everyone should have at least one G-Shock in their collection for those difficult times, even though the divisive style these plastic digital watches offer isn't for every watch collector.


Alpina, a renowned Swiss brand known for its precision and perfection, has captivated watch enthusiasts since the start in 1883. Alpina watches are built to last the test of time and radiate sophistication and dependability due to their rich history and dedication to tradition. Alpina's design philosophy combines traditional charm with a modern edge by skillfully fusing technical know-how with aesthetic appeal. 

Alpina really has it all: flawless craftsmanship, longevity, and a guarantee created in Switzerland. Alpina has a long 140-year history and is most recognized for its Pilot watch line, which includes the Startimer, that offers an experience similar to that of an IWC watch. 


Citizen, a renowned Japanese brand with a particularly remarkable history in the sports and tool watch fields, completes a trio alongside Seiko and Orient. The 1918-born company originally gained international recognition in the 1960s with sporty lifestyle models like the Parawater. In 1985, it unveiled the first diving icon, the analog-digital Aqualand. Today, Citizen provides a wide range of watches that strike a compromise between department store models and those better suited to enthusiasts. The Promaster line of sports and dive watches is probably the most popular among watch nerds. Though most known for its exceptional Eco-Drive solar-powered quartz technology, Citizen also has a large selection of reasonably priced automatic watches featuring Miyota calibers, a Citizen subsidiary.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q.1 Do Designer Watches Pay Off? 

The majority of your money is probably being spent on the brand name when you purchase watches from high-end retailers like Gucci, Armani, and Chanel. The movements are nearly always battery-operated, and they rarely use high-quality components. 

Some of the price tags on designer goods are still difficult to justify, even though they occasionally redirect that effort into creative designs.

Q.2 How Much is a Rolex worth?

The least you'll have to pay for the Rolex would be $6000. It's around this figure that the Oyster Perpetual, the least costly model, finds its spot now.

Q.3 Is Tissot a Brand of Luxury Watches? 

The clocks made by Tissot are luxuriously designed, employ premium materials, and are entitled to the mark "Switzerland Made." However, they are not handmade, and the movements are not Tissot-developed internally; rather, they are based on standard ETA calibers.


Inexpensive does not have to mean sacrificing quality or style when it comes to timepieces. The above list of the best affordable watch brands demonstrates that superb design and dependability are within reach of everybody, enabling you to tell time in style without going over budget. 

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