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G-SHOCK - DW6900GL-4

G-SHOCK - DW6900GL-4

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Do you remember the excitement of popping open a surprise capsule toy? G-SHOCK Lucky Drop takes on the bold vibrant colors of Japan’s beloved capsule toys, bringing pop culture to the classic digital DW5600, the DW6900 with its distinctive front buttons, and the GA110 with its oversized case. The playful design of the DW5600 and DW6900 dial, and the band loop for all three watches, evokes that exhilarating thrill of a secret surprise.


  • Dial:
  • Movement:
  • Strap: Resin Band
  • Warranty: International Warranty Supported
  • Waterproof: 200-meter water resistance
  • Calibre:
  • Glass:
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